Beautiful sentences. Beautiful paragraphs. Beautiful pages. James Westgate Snell seeks to tell stories in a manner that inspires readers and new content creators. Great storytelling is a lot like breathing. Inhale masterworks. Exhale masterpieces. That’s the hope.

James holds a degree in Arts and Science and a Diploma in Journalism (2019). He is a recipient of the Jason Lang, Elaine Taylor Thomas and Gord Kelly Memorial Scholarships for academic and journalistic excellence. James is an explorer, storyteller, journalist and dad. He’s swung an axe through the Coast Range Mountains of British Columbia as a mineral exploration field technician and drilled for gold in the Yukon. He’s travelled the Alaska Highway in the dead of winter as a geological consultant for major energy companies. James was a competitive hang glider pilot in the 90s, reaching 20,000 feet at the US Nationals in 1994 (Albuquerque, New Mexico). He competed in multiple Canadian National and regional meets. In 2017 he published a popular book, Gold Bloody Gold. A True Story of Greed Goldmines and Misadventure. Please feel free to check out his media coverage.

“James Snell gives us a portrait of an extraordinary true story. It should be known to the world. He writes with intelligence and a touch of poetry that will make your emotions vibrate. We are transported into the world’s greatest discovery of gold and the genius of the man who discovered it. Windows of the family life behind the man are opened and give the reader a full understanding of the magnitude of the suffering and the injustice he and his family lived. A must read by everyone in this time where truth should be extracted and brought to full light!” Johanne Perron